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Szwajkajzer for WBJ “Are Hypermarkets loosing the Hype?”

Warsaw Business Journal for August page 38 to 40.

The member of the board at ENRECO – Maurycy Szwajkajzer shared his opinion on the situation of the Polish Retail market

Poland is a peciular market for retailers. Over the past three decades it has attracted a slew of international retail chains, some of which are now withdrawing or changing their retail concepts. The change that the market is experiencing is profound.

In the article Maurycy makes a brief segmentation of the Polish retail market followed by an analysis of the market situation of different formats. Starting with proximity, finishing with online sales.

Compared to our neighbos, food costs in Poland are extremely low. Poland has the second cheapest food in Europe – for example it is half the price of food in Denmark

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